3Commas & Binance Partnership

3Commas officially announced that they concluded a partnership with Binance, the biggest crypto exchange world-wide following the confirmation by CZ – Binance CEO at a meeting in Moscow.
The crypto trading platform 3Commas is one of the first 100 companies to be included in the Broker Partnership Program.

Details of the 3Commas and Binance Partnership

But you might be wondering, what exactly is this partnership and why should I care?

What is the Binance Broker Partnership Program?

The exchange that boasts the largest number of users in the world launched the program in order to attract new customers.

According to Binance, the program is aimed at companies that provide digital asset trading services for global users.
Broker Partners will benefit from Binance’s market depth and liquidity and receive special order matching services, account management and last but not least profit sharing on trading fees.

Advantages for Crypto Traders

Perfect for New Crypto Traders

You can now register a new Binance account directly through 3Commas in two clicks, no APIs to connect making it super user-friendly.
You will get every feature needed to start trading efficiently with access to 3Commas Bots, Smart Trade and Composite Bots.

Free 3Commas Registration & Trading Account

The best news for those that haven’t tested 3Commas yet is that this is completely free.
You can register an account, start trading right now and start using their trading terminal and bots!

Available For More Seasoned traders

It is important to note that if you already have a Binance account, you can create a new one via 3Commas without it being a violation of Binance TOS.
You will have to deposit crypto in this account and then will be all set to try 3Commas great crypto trading bots and amazingly user friendly and powerful trading terminal.

When is it Available and How to Sign up for a Binance Trader Plan?

You can already sign up for a 3Commas account and use the third party integration to create your Binance Trader Plan and trade through the terminal for free as this feature is already live.

Simply go to the 3Commas website and sign up for the free “Binance Trader Plan”.
As always, navigating on the website is easy, and you will be guided through every step.

Our thoughts on 3Commas x Binance Partnership & The Binance Trader Plan

This partnership is a big step for 3Commas and confirms the great job that the team has been doing since its launch.
Having the world biggest exchange as an official partner and offering a free account in two clicks will definitely help many crypto traders access the ever bigger world of crypto trading.
If you have read our reviews, you know that we are big fans of the platform and are really happy that they get the recognition they deserve.

If you would like to know more about 3Commas and what makes it great, feel free to check our 3Commas Review or directly head out to 3Commas website.