Aluna.Social New Beta Features

The platform that aims to combine the best of a trading terminal and a social network in one, just announced the Beta launch of one of their key features, copy-trading and counter-copy trading.

Copy-Trading & Counter-Copy on

Copy-trading is a very important feature of social trading. Allowing you to automatically copy the positions of a trader can be a great way to be consistent for new traders, especially in crypto where markets are highly volatile and not regulated.

The hard part is usually finding a good trader to copy.

Hopefully, provides a Leaderboard and insights in order to help you find a profitable “Leader Trader” to follow and the team has done a very good job in making the process simple.

Counter-Copy Trading is also available.

The concept is simple, you do the exact opposite of the “Leader Trader” of your choice.

You know that friend that is always wrong, no matter what? Now is the time to get him on Aluna and bet against him!


To learn more about the features, how to set them up, read the official announcement on Aluna.Social’s blog about the news here

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