What is Aluna.Social ?

It is hard to categorise Aluna.Social because the platform sits at a crossroad.

It is part Crypto trading terminal; part social network; part social trading for crypto assets; part trading automation.

At its core, Aluna is a social trading platform that aims to offer a new kind of experience for cryptocurrency traders. A completely transparent experience which its founders hope will reduce information asymmetries and allow for better decisions and performance by traders.

Aluna also wants to make it fun. Gamification will be playing a key role; providing incentives through their native ALN token.

Here is the platform’s vision, as stated on their roadmap

Our vision is to improve transparency between traders, establish a trading community incentivised to share data, to create an environment where traders can leverage positive social feedback loops and improve their overall performance.

Beautiful and Beginner Friendly Interface

Intuitive Design

The team has done a great job at providing a platform that is easy to navigate. Nothing is confusing and beginners will find it particularly straightforward.

Aluna Dashboard

The dashboard gives you a great overview of all the features, with immediate access to:

  • Insights (social feed)
  • Most followed traders
  • Best / Worst trades
  • Top gainers / losers

Navigating Aluna.Social is easy and facilitated by the simplicity and minimalism of the user interface.

Aluna.social Dashboard

Aluna.Social Markets

The markets page gives an overview of the different crypto markets available for trading on the platform and provides the most relevant information at a glance:

  • Current Price
  • 24h Change
  • 7 Days Change
  • Marketcap
  • Volume
  • Trend
Aluna.social markets

Crypto Exchanges Available on Aluna Social

Wether you are interested in copy-trading or want to show others how good of a trader you are, you will have to connect at least one crypto exchange to the platform.

As always, this is done via API keys. The process is as easy as can be.

Simply go to your exchange, create a new API keys for Aluna and then copy your public key and secret on the platform.

Aluna will have read and trade access only, so don’t worry on the security front. The only thing you should worry about is the exchange itself. This is where an issue can appear.

Currently, Aluna Social integrates with:

  • Binance
  • Bitfinex
  • Bittrex
  • Poloniex

More exchanges are on the way.

Aluna Social Exchanges
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Unified Trading Terminal

Aluna.Social gives you the opportunity to manage your crypto trading on a single and unified trading terminal.

If you are like most crypto traders, you probably have a trading account on multiple exchanges.

Which means you know the pain of having to connect to different exchanges individually to place an order.

You have to overcome the security first. Login, 2FA, sometimes email confirmation and login again.

Then you have to remember the actual layout of the platform. How it is organized and designed. Where to check your current balance; search for the market you are willing to trade. Place the order. It is a pain. And the more exchanges you use, the more excruciating it is.

There is an easier path though.

You can simply connect your accounts to Aluna and then you can trade on all our exchanges via the platform. Simple.

The trading terminal is well done, on par with what is available on the best exchanges.

The screener is provided by Tradingview, ensuring you get the best experience possible. Which means you can add your go-to technical indicators and even do a little bit of drawing if you feel like it.

Aluna Social screener

Social Trading

Insights & Social Network

Aluna.Social features an integrated social network.

Crypto traders can share information about the markets and ultimately build up their reputation through an intelligent public profile.

‘Insights’ is the social feed where it all happens. Here, traders can share their opinions via 280-characters posts. The possibility to use hashtags, cashtags as well as tagging other Aluna.Social’s traders will feel familiar and makes the experience flawless.

New trades will appear on the feed, allowing you to see who has skin in the game.

Aluna.social Insights


The best traders will appear on Aluna.Social’s leaderboard, enabling crypto traders to know who to trust and to separate those that talk a big game from those that successfully do.

Since trades are made public, this is a unique opportunity for beginners to learn from the best performing traders. It is easier than ever to analyze trades thanks to the complete transparency.

Not only the overall performance of the trader is displayed, but also the win rate and amount of trades executed during the selected period.

Aluna.social Leaderboard

Public Profiles

Each user on Aluna.Social has a public profile.

Aluna.social Trader’s Public Card

You have access to a small overview of every trader on Aluna.

You can see at a glance:

  • Number of insights posted on the feed
  • Amount of traders he/she is following
  • Amount of followers
  • Number of positions (trades) executed
  • How many people he/she is copying
  • How many traders copy his/her trades
  • Markets traded (BTC / ETH / Etc.)
  • Crypto Exchanges used
Aluna.social Trader Public Card

Detailed Profile

You have more informations at your disposal through the trader’s detailed profile.

Here you will find out details about the user’s trades: 

  • Trades still opened
  • Closed trades with:
    • Position type: Long / Short
    • Market traded
    • Trade entry / exit
    • Trade profit / loss
    • Even the exchange used

This can give considerable insights into a trader’s strategy and overview of the market.

It will help you determine if you should copy or counter-copy the trader in question, but more on that later.

Aluna.social trader Profile

Trade Analysis

By clicking on a trade, wether still opened or closed, you will have access to the complete breakdown of the trade.

The Tradingview screener does an awesome job at showing entry and exit point at a glance.

Aluna.social trader Position Detail

Trading Automation On Aluna.Social

Aluna’s Copy Trading Feature

Copy trading, as the names suggests, allows you to copy every trade a selected trader makes.

Aluna makes the process straightforward.

To do this, select the trader of your choice, activate the copy trading feature and you will copy his/her positions.

When the trader opens a long on ETH/BTC for example, your account will automatically do the same. When the trader closes the position, your account will too. Simple.

Counter-Copy Trading: An Aluna.Social Exclusive Feature

The platform introduces a feature that is, at the moment, unique to Aluna.

Counter-copy trading allows you to automatically open and close trades doing the exact opposite of the trader of your choice.

You know that friend who is always on the wrong side of the market no matter what?

Well, now you can counter-trade him automatically!

Automation Side note

In both cases, whether you want to copy or counter-copy trader a user on the platform you will have to determine the amount of each trade you will copy.

The process is once again, easy.

If you wish to stop copying a trader, 2 clicks will do. Simple.

Aluna.SOcial Copy Trading

Automation Limitations in Beta

For the moment, the platform is still in Beta and you will have some limitations.

First of all, copy and counter-copy trading is limited to Bitfinex. Which means you will have to connect your Bitfinex account and have some crypto in there in order to use this feature.

Furthermore, a maximum of 10 positions per leader trader can be opened per day.

The fact that this feature is still in Beta also means it can be subjected to bugs at time and while this doesn’t seem to be the case, you should be aware of the risks involved.

That being said, new exchanges will soon be rolled out and the platform will become increasingly reliable over time so those are only temporary limitations.

We will be sure to update our review once new improvements are made in this area so stay tuned.

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The Team Behind Aluna.Social

If you have been in the crypto space for a while, there is no way you have never heard of Alvin Lee, one of the co-founder. Maybe you know him best via his crypto twitter name: @onemanatatime.

If you haven’t already, you can follow him on twitter here. Involved in crypto since 2013, he has earned more than 67000 followers.

It is great to see such initiatives by people who are deeply involved in crypto.

As you can see, the team is very transparent.

A rare occurence for crypto trading bots platforms, even though it tends to become increasingly common.

If you want to learn more about Aluna Social’s very experienced team, feel free to check out their Linked’In profile.

You will find a below a short introduction of each member.

Aluna Social Team - Part 1
Aluna Social Team - Part 2

Aluna.Social Roadmap

The premise of the platform is to increase transparency between traders. To become a catalyst for more informed decisions and to reduce information asymmetries.

Aluna.Social believes in this and gives a completely transparent view of not only its team but also what’s coming next.

Still a very young platform in Beta, it has been in the works since 2018 after tremendous development.

The great thing is, you can get a glimpse of the ambitious development still ongoing and the new scheduled features.

The team has put up a roadmap of the major advancements for the next months and years in its whitepaper.

Aluna.Social Roadmap

As you can see, there are a lot of features to come and a lot to be excited about, like the upcoming ALN token sale.

We are particularly fond of trading competitions and are excited to be able to use more advanced trading automation.

Tradingview automation is coming soon, a feature that is already available on other crypto bots like Zignaly or 3Commas.

ALN Token

The platform diverges from already existing crypto trading bots and social trading platforms thanks to their native utility ALN token.

It is worth mentioning that at the time of this review, the token is yet to be launched. We will make sure to update it once new features appear as well as for major events like the token launch.

According to the whitepaper, it will allow holders of the token to enjoy benefits on the platform like:

  • Reduced fees for upcoming features and games
  • Discounts for monthly subscription to the platform
  • Rewards for the most active users
Aluna.Social Token

If you want to learn more about the token, its utility or tokenomics, please read Aluna.Social whitepaper.

Is Aluna Safe?

Security is important. Especially in crypto where you are your own bank.

In this area, Aluna.Social is on par with its competitors and is completely safe.

The API keys (Read / Trade-only) will ensure that no one can withdraw your funds but you.

Couple this with the use of 2FA, and the only thing you will have to worry about will be the cryptocurrency exchange you are using.

Aluna.Social Security

Aluna Pricing

This is another good point for the platform as it is, at least for the moment, completely free.

You can enjoy all its features without having to touch your wallet.

You might want to hurry if you want to try it out though, as this might not last for long.

According to the whitepaper, Aluna.Social will become a paid platform in the future. Most probably when the Beta ends.

While its price will most likely be very affordable (around $20/month) it would be silly not to give it a shot before.

It is worth mentioning that the ALN token which will grant discounts up to 100% in future.

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Our Conclusion

It is now time for our Aluna.Social review to come to an end.

The team at Aluna has done an impressive job. It isn’t your average crypto trading bot or social trading platform.

Aluna.Social is truly one of a kind blend of social network for crypto traders and trading automation. We love the fact that they are trying to bring transparency to the crypto ecosystem.

While still in Beta, it has been a very pleasant surprise to discover all its already available features as well as the great community it has been able to gather.

Thanks to its intuitive user interface; innovative and unique counter-copy trading feature as well as its ambitious roadmap, we are eager to see what’s next for Aluna.Social.

With its utility token on the way and new features like gamification, we have no doubt its user base will grow quickly. the good thing about it is that the more active users Aluna attracts, the more valuable the platform becomes.

You can jump in and register for free, so what are you waiting for?