What is Cryptohopper?

Cryptohopper is an automated crypto trading bot used by more than 200 000 crypto traders worldwide.

It was created by two brothers in the Netherlands and allows you to trade automatically, 24/7. The bot can connect to almost a dozen of the most renown cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Kraken, Bittrex or Huobi which makes it very versatile.

With advanced features such as trailing stop-loss, an easy to use strategy builder, a copy trading from signals and already existing strategies it has a lot to offer.

In this in-depth CryptoHopper review we will dig deep into the pros and cons of this trading bot so you can make an educated decision.

You will know what makes it one of the best bot available on the market at the moment, for beginners and seasoned traders, and why it is one of the most used in the world.

Cloud-Based Trading Bot

Like many of its competitors, CryptoHopper is a cloud-based trading bot.

As you probably know if you have been thinking about getting a bot to increase your profits, this is one of the most convenient solution. It is the most user friendly approach to trading automation with no software installation, no VPS to rent and set up and no updates needed.

Unlike many crypto trading bots though, Cryptohopper is one of the most complete on the market and you will quickly understand why throughout this extensive review.

Cryptohopper cloud-based

Cryptohopper User Interface

Cryptohopper has without a doubt one of the most good looking interface in the trading bot ecosystem.

The Dashboard is clear and gathers every relevant informations. The left sidebar will enable a quick access to all the features available such as your trade history; the backtesting tool; a quick look to your strategies; the bot marketplace; charts; apps etc.

Cryptohopper is alongside 3Commas, one of the most suited platform for beginner traders. Not only every feature (and there are a lot) is easily accessible, there are countless quick guides from the moment you subscribe, to the moment you set up your bot. It is virtually impossible to be stuck wondering what to do next or how to properly set up something.

Furthermore, a quick chat with easy access to the extensive FAQ and the support (through a very well thought out chatbot first, then a human being if need be) will guarantee you never get stuck.

The platform allows you to pick between two visual modes, a classic “light” version and a dark mode that will be especially useful for those trading at night.

Cryptohopper Dashboard

Cryptohopper Exchanges

Cryptohopper allows you to automatically trade from some of the world’s leading crypto exchanges such as Bittrex; Huobi; Kraken; Bitfinex or Binance.

If you are starting trading cryptocurrencies know that those exchanges are the most secure out there for crypto trading (especially if you want to trade altcoins) and if you have been in the crypto ecosystem for a while there is no way you do not own an account in one of these platforms. Chances are, you have been trading with several of them.

As with all crypto trading bots, you have to use the API keys to connect your bot(s) to your account in order for them to trade. Cryptohopper being one of the most user friendly platform you will find tutorials on how to set your account properly. If this is not your first go at automating your trading, then you already know the ropes and will indeed have no problem at all here.

cryptohopper exchanges
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Cryptohopper Bots & Main Features

Cryptohopper offers one of the largest offerings as far as crypto trading automation goes.

The software is packed with features and it can be hard to know exactly what you can do with it. We will try to break it down for you  in easy to bite chunks so that you can have a better grasp for everything you can do with it.

Strategy Designer

The strategy designer lets you create a trading automation using technical indicators.

This will be used by your trading bot in order to execute trades automatically.

Cryptohopper gives you access to more than 130 technical indicators. From RSI to MACD and Bollinger Bands, you will be able to automate the strategy your are usually executing manually.

Cryptohopper Strategy Designer

Drag and Drop Strategy Designer

You can quickly create your strategy thanks to the drag and drop editor.

In order to design your strategy before automating it, you will have to choose the indicators that will trigger your trades entries and exits. As mentioned, there are more than 130 indicators so you should be able to find the ones you are currently using.

You can choose to use only one or a combination of several depending on your subscription.

This feature is obviously targeted at crypto traders that have some experience and a predetermined strategy that they wish to automate.

If you don’t have any, have no clue what works for you, you might want to check Cryptohopper Marketplace where you will be able to copy strategies and use already built signals.

Cryptohopper strategy drag and drop indicator
Cryptohopper strategy drag and drop candle pattern

Great Marketplace

Trading in becoming increasingly social. This is especially true for algorithmic crypto trading.

Every bot platform now provides a marketplace. The quality and quantity of strategies; signals and traders vary widely.

Cryptohopper has done a terrific job in this area and its marketplace is absolutely packed with great strategies.

It is divided into sections that can be quite confusing though, so let us break it down.

Cryptohopper Marketplace

Cryptohopper Templates

Templates on Cryptohopper are frameworks that you will be able to link to your selected strategies and signals.

You should simply choose a template that matches the exchange you are using (and have connected to Cryotohopper via API keys) and the base currency (i.e: BTC).

Once you have selected your template, you can connect it to your hopper.

Cryptohopper Templates

Templates Informations

You will find the more details on the Template’s individual page.

Obviously the details of the templates:

  • Bot Type
  • Exchange
  • Base Currency
  • Selected Currencies
  • Reviews
  • Current Version
  • Last Update Date
Cryptohopper Templates Details

Cryptohopper Strategies

Strategies are pretty self explanatory. They are the elements (collection of technical indicators) that will determine when your bot buys and sells.

You can create your own strategies (as seen in the strategy designer section) or copy one from the marketplace. Some are free and some of them need to be rented.

Cryptohopper Strategies

Informations Available

If you are looking for a strategy, you might want to visit the marketplace where you will have access to already built and tested strategies made by other traders.

Cryptohopper makes it easy for you to get as many informations as possible.

You will have access to the most relevant details, like its price and reviews about the strategy thanks to a little Overview card.

Cryptohopper Signal Card
Cryptohopper Signal Overview

Strategy Details

Each strategy will have a unique page giving more insights.

You will learn about the trading frequency; have an overview given by its creator; links to different platforms for support (Telegram and Discord mostly) etc.

One interesting feature provided by Cryptohopper is that some strategies are refundable.

Ultimately it is up to its creator to decide if users will be able to get a refund.  It is usually allowed within 30 minutes of buying a strategy.

Cryptohopper Signals

Signals is one of the area in the Cryptohopper marketplace where you will most likely spend your time if you are looking to copy an existing trading automation strategy.

Connect one of your hoppers (trading bot) to a signal and it will execute buy and sell orders based on the underlying strategy.

Signals are usually a combination of technical indicators that have proven to provide significant alpha.

The marketplace contains free and paid signals so you should have no problem finding one that suits you.

You will indeed have access to a lot of informations about those signals so it is important that we break it down a little bit.

Cryptohopper Signals Banner

Signals overview

The overview will offer a snapshot of the signals details and performance such as:

  • Signal cost
  • Is it refundable or not
  • Exchanges available

You will also have more informations about it latest results.

  • The amount of signals in the last week (Total Buy & Sell)
  • Average Buy & Sell Performance
Cryptohopper Signals Overview

One thing that stand out in the Cryptohopper marketplace against some of its competitors is the fact that informations are displayed clearly and in a very visual manner.

It is easy to look at a signal’s performance. It is easy to see the last trades; how it has performed lately.

Market conditions can move quickly. While it is indeed important to look as far back as possible in order to asses the performance of a strategy, it is also necessary to see how the bot performs now.

The amount of informations given is also impressive. It is reassuring to have access to so much data and is definitely very helpful.

You have, for example access to:

  • The profit distribution of the signal
  • Detailed performance report
  • Realtime stats
  • Reviews
  • The last 10 signals
  • The Top Buy signal
  • The Top 10 weekly signals
Cryptohopper Signals Details
Cryptohopper Signals reviews
Cryptohopper Signals Performance Report
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Good Backtesting

When it comes to choosing your crypto bot’s strategy, backtesting is really important. Why is that you might ask?
Because if you don’t primarily test your assumptions about your strategy, how will you know if it will stand the test of time? What will happen in an uptrend? What about a downtrend? What if the market stays flat?

While a thorough backtest of your strategy is important, it is absolutely not a guarantee of future results, so keep that mind and don’t be too cocky!

As you can see the interface has everything that is needed, nothing more.

You will be able to modify some of the key variables in your backtest such as:

  • The crypto exchange
  • The pair of coins traded by the bot
  • The time interval
  • The starting time of the bot for the backtest
  • The backtest finish date

You should note that the start / stop time of your backtest will be determined by the interval at which you set the trading.

If you select a 15 seconds trading interval, you will not be able to backtest the bot over a long period because the bot will most likely perform many actions.

On the other hand, if the interval is 4 hour the backtest can be run for much longer so keep that in mind when checking how a bot would have performed in the past.

Cryptohopper Backtest

Backtest Results

Cryptohopper provides relevant informations regarding your backtest.

However, we can’t say that the backtesting tool is fantastic. This is not only a Cryptohopper miss, 3Commas is equal in that area, so are pretty much all crypto trading bot at the moment.

If you are expecting a detailed breakdown like you have on Tradingview for example, you are going to be disappointed.

You won’t be able to factor in exchanges fees; account for possible slippage or have a deep breakdown of your trades and will have to do this work manually. Daunting if you want to thoroughly test your assumptions.

Nevertheless, it will provide a great basis for beginner and intermediate traders that want to go further than the guess work while trying to find a profitable strategy.

With all the development the team has been doing we have no doubt this feature will get better in the future.

Cryptohopper Backtest Results

Cryptohopper Pricing & Subscriptions

Another great point for Cryptohopper is its price.

With plans starting at $0 for manual trading and $16 per month for bot trading, it is an affordable crypto trading bot.

Not sure about giving it a try yet?

Why not use Cryptohopper free trial? You have 7 days to try and automate your trading; use signals and strategies from the marketplace to see if it suits your needs. And if you don’t want to bet any of your fund, you should know that paper trading is available on the free trial.

As you can see during this review, Cryptohopper is packed with features so let’s dig a little deeper and compare the different plans.

Cryptohopper Pricing overview

7 Days Free Trial 

Cryptohopper offers a no-credit card, risk-free,  7 days free trial.

Not sure if Cryptohopper is the right choice for you? Don’t know if you want to automate your trading at all? Don’t want to commit money before you know you can safely automate some aspects of your crypto trading? Simply try it out for free, without the fear of forgetting to cancel.

The free trial enables you to test all the the features in the Explorer plan for a week. 

We would have hopped for a plan with more features, the explorer being the least packed. Unlike their biggest competitors, 3Commas that offers a Full access for 3 days only though.

Pioneer Plan – The Free Package

Cryptohopper has a free plan that will allow traders to use the platform as a trading terminal for manual trading and portfolio management.

It features:

  • 20 Positions
  • Portfolio Management
  • Manual Trading
  • Access to All Premium Partner Exchanges

Starter Plan – Explorer Hopper

The Starter Plan will currently set you back $16.58 per month with a yearly payment and $19.00 for a monthly subscription.

It will be the best option for new traders or those wanting to get a better grasp of what Cryptohopper has to offer. 

It includes:

  • 80 Positions
  • Max 15 Selected coins
  • Max 2 triggers
  • Buying with 10 Minutes interval
  • 1 Simulated trading bot. 

If you opt for a 7days Cryptohopper free trial, this is the plan you will have access to.

Adventure hopper – Trader Plus Package

The Medium plan costs $41.58 per month for a yearly subscription and $49 for a payment on a monthly basis.

It will be the best option for intermediate traders. You will need this plan if you are planning on using shorter time frames in your trading; want to trade up to 50 currencies or have many open positions.

The “Adventure hopper” plan will allow you to use inefficiencies in the market between exchanges thanks to the exchanges arbitrage feature.

  • It includes:
    • 200 Positions
    • Max 50 Selected coins
    • Max 5 triggers
    • TA with 5 Minutes interval
    • Exchange arbitrage
    • 1 Simulated Trading Bot

Pro Trader Plan – Hero Hopper

The Pro plan is currently priced at $99 per month ($83.25 for the yearly plan). 

It will be the most suited plan if you are an experienced trader or have a rather large amount of crypto and want to mix several bots; become a market maker or do some advanced market making.

  • It includes:
    • 500 Positions
    • Max 75 Selected coins
    • Max 10 triggers
    • Technical analysis with 2 Minutes interval
    • All coins for signals
    • Premium Indicators
    • Market arbitrage
    • Market making

Plans Features Details

You will find below the details of every plan.

Cryptohopper Pricing Details

Our Conclusion

As this Cryptohopper review is coming to an end, it is time for our mandatory conclusion.

During our test of the platform, we have been incredibly surprised by all the improvements done by Cryptohopper. It is and remains one of the very best crypto trading bot available on the market. Plain and simple.

It is packed with features; beautifully designed; open to beginners and more experienced traders alike and has a great marketplace.

With the amount of tutorials and documentation provided by the platform, it is virtually impossible for new traders to get lost. The only pebble in the shoe might be the structure of the bots. Templates and strategies and signals. This can be confusing and at times counterintuitive.

Put this aside, we have been impressed by its versatility. Even though it is not one of the cheapest options available for those that want to level up their crypto trading with automation, it is worth every penny.

Yes, Cryptohopper allows you to copy traders via its marketplace where you can rent free and paid signals.

Cryptohopper is one of the best trading bot for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Starting at $16.58 it is worth every penny.

Here are some Cryptohopper alternatives. Its biggest rival is 3Commas but there are many other alternatives like Zignaly and Shrimpy.

Cryptohopper does offer a referral system where you can earn up to 15% for each of your referrals.

Cryptohopper does not charge any fees aside from the monthly subscription. You will only have fees from your crypto exchange.

Yes, it is one of the safest crypto trading bot available and does not hold your private keys.

Yes, it does work and it is legit. However, bear in mind that Cryptohopper this is not a miracle solution.

Yes, it is one of the rare crypto trading automation platform to have an app. You can trade on the go with Cryptohopper.

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