Shrimpy bot

Shrimpy wants to simplify the way you automate your crypto portfolio.

Despite is relatively recent creation, Shrimpy is already a success with $500M+ traded via the platform and more than 120K trades per day.

Easy to use and, packed with features that will attract a wide variety of crypto traders and investors, what can it do for you and what is it exactly?

As in every one of our crypto bots test, we actually tested the platform in order to give you a detailed, no BS overview.

If you are short on time or just want to see the conclusion and short review, you can jump here! 

Design & Interface

The team has done a very good job at making a very sleek and beautiful platform.

Unlike some of its competitors, aimed at a somewhat tech savvy crowd, Shrimpy is clearly easy to use even for a mainstream audience.

If you want to automate your trading strategy but are afraid to get lost in the way this would be one of the top platform we could recommend.

From the subscription to the onboarding, to the launch of your first automation or copy trade, you will feel at home, whatever your background.

Shrimpy user Interface

Shrimpy Exchanges

Shrimpy, like most of the cloud-based crypto automation platforms is non-custodial, meaning it does not hold any of your crypto. This is very important because you want to mitigate risks at all costs. On an exchange, you are not in control of your funds this is why you should keep your exposure as low as possible and also why it is important that you do not multiply that risk.

The platform will merely be able to read and take actions on behalf of your strategies, never will it be able to withdraw your funds.

After your registration, you will be invited to connect a crypto exchange to the platform. In that area, Shrimpy is one of the best in class with more than 15 exchanges available.

Shrimpy Exchanges
  • Binance

  • Binance US

  • Bitfinex

  • Bitstamp

  • Bittrex

  • Bittrex Global

  • BiBox

  • Bitmart

  • Gemini

  • Coinbase Pro (GDAX)

  • HitBTC

  • Huobi

  • Kraken

  • Kucoin

  • Okex

  • Poloniex

Portfolio Tracking

Shrimpy allows anyone to track their portfolio’s performance for free. You won’t even have to subscribe to a paid plan.

It is a simple solution to track how your portfolio reacts to the ups and downs of the ever changing crypto market.

You can track multiple accounts and exchanges and even connect your cold storage funds, a feature that we wish would be more common.

Shrimpy Portfolio tracking Graph
Shrimpy Portfolio tracking

Crypto Index

Index Introduction

At the core of Shrimpy’s value proposition is the notion of index.

For those that might be unfamiliar with what an index is and why is it useful, here is a short reminder.

An index is an indicator or measure of something, and in finance, it typically refers to a statistical measure of change in a securities market

If you want a more in-depth introduction at indexes we strongly encourage you to check out the following article from Investopedia.

The platform allows crypto investor to either build or copy someone’s index. But why use an index you might ask?

Well, investors that diversify perform better. Plain and simple.

Building Your Own Crypto Index Fund

Shrimpy allows you to create your own index fund in a breeze. The process is easy; fast and holds an infinite amount of possibilities.

Here are some of the options you will have: 

  • Select from 2 to 188 crypto assets to include.
  • Choose your allocation based on marketcap; square root of marketcap or an even distribution.
  • Set a minimum & maximum percentage of allocation per asset.
  • Include & exclude individual assets individually.
  • Set up a buffer zone to limit asset swapping frequency.
  • Pick a rebalance period (from 1hour to 1month) or treshold.
  • Set up a stop loss by threshold or time period.
  • Choose to use Dollar Cost Averaging or not.
  • Optimize fees with Maker Trades or not.
  • Set up a max spread & max slippage percentage
Shrimpy Index Builder
Shrimpy Index Builder - parameters

Diversify With Multiple Crypto Indexes

Shrimpy makes it easy to split your funds into multiple portfolios. This is very important because it allows you to create (or copy) multiple indexes.

For example, you might want to be hedging your bets with an aggressive strategy. All you have to do is to place your bets on an allocation of riskier assets that might not pay off in the long run with a small percentage of your equity.

Then, set up a less risky and volatile crypto index where you will allocate the greater percentage of  your equity in a “TOP 10” index for example.

There you go; two indexes; two different strategies and you can now sleep with peace of mind.

Shrimpy Index & Portfolio Management

Index Rebalancing

Rebalancing a portfolio is paramount to success when using indexes.

For those that are not familiar with the notion, here is what rebalancing means in layman’s terms:

Rebalancing is the act of adjusting portfolio asset weights in order to restore target allocations or risk levels over time.


This is another area where Shrimpy excels. The platform allows you to select between the two most common types of rebalancing; periodic and threshold.

Periodic Rebalancing

It is the act of rebalancing a portfolio of assets at specific and predetermined times.

For example, you can decide, based on your backtest results, that you will rebalance your portfolio every week. In that case, as you might have guessed, every week, at the same time, your portfolio will be rebalanced to reach your initial portfolio allocation.

You can set up your periodic rebalancing to occur every:

  • Month
  • Week
  • Day
  • Hour

Threshold Rebalancing

It is the act of rebalancing a portfolio when one asset deviates from their allocated percentage by a predetermined threshold.

Furthermore, Shrimpy implemented a maximum frequency for which you can rebalance your portfolio with this strategy. It is limited to once every 15 minutes which prevents too frequent rebalancing when the volatility is very high.

Shrimpy is as far we know the only platform that allows crypto investors to use this strategy.

Shrimpy Threshold Rebalancing


Any strategy should be backtested in order to measure its performance against historical data.

Wouldn’t you want to know if your index is returning a better performance than a simple buy and hold? And if it performed well, how much better was it? What parameters can you tweak to achieve higher profits?

This is what backtesting is for and it is a major step in creating your crypto index fund.

There are two options to run your backtests on Shrimpy.

You can either run a completely independent backtest by clicking on the “backtest” tab in the menu and run one from scratch.

Or you can run a backtest while creating your index. This allows you to check the performance and make some adjustments if needed.

Shrimpy Backtesting

Backtesting Results

Shrimpy makes it easy for you to see how your strategy would have been performed on a given timeframe.

You will have a comparison between the strategy you chose to implement and a simple buy and hold. Obviously if it is underperforming at this point, you will have to change either your asset allocation; the rebalancing method or frequency; etc.

Aside from the comparison graph where your index’s returns will be plotted against the corresponding buy and hold; Shrimpy gives you the results with the most relevant informations. No fluff.

Shrimpy Backtesting Results
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Shrimpy Social Marketplace

Social Trading

Shrimpy allows you to copy indexes and portfolio created by others, called “Leaders”.

It is a great feature for crypto newcomers or those of you unsure about the way to go to make your crypto portfolio grow.

As always with Shrimpy makes it as easy as possible to navigate its marketplace. The interface is clean and it is impossible to get overwhelmed by the options or filters.

You can filters Leaders’s strategies by performance (daily; weekly; monthly) or by its amount of followers.

Shrimpy Social Marketplace

Social Card

Each strategy in the social section will have a kind of social card, providing relevant informations about its performance and exchange.

You will be able to see at a glance:

  • Its name
  • Exchange
  • Amount of Followers
  • Date of last activity
  • Historical performance (1 day; 1 week; 1 month)
  • Performance trend line
Shrimpy Social Card

Social Strategy Details

While the social card provides the most relevant informations at a quick glance, you will obviously need more details in order to decide if the strategy could be a good fit for you, depending on your philosophy and tolerance to risk.

Here are the informations available on the strategy page:

  • Short description from its creator (the Leader)
  • Reminder of the Exchange
  • Strategy details
    • Rebalance schedule
    • Stop Loss
    • Dollar Cost Averaging (On / Off)
    • Fee Optimization (On / Off)
    • Max Spread
    • Max Slippage
  • Graph of past performance
Shrimpy Social Details


Shrimpy offers a couple of features in order to secure your account.

Multi-Factor Authentification enables you to better secure your account, thanks to the use of an additional layer like Google Authenticator. It is a must-use feature and every serious crypto automation platform will provide it and encourage you to set it up.

An IP-Whitelist is also available. Ensuring that only IPs that you provide will be authorized to access your account.

Shrimpy Security

Shrimpy Team

Shrimpy is led by Michael McCarty its CEO and Matthew Welsy, co-founder and CTO, both based in California.

The team is very public which is always welcomed, given the amount of secrecy in the crypto space.

Shrimpy’s social media presence is also important (twitter and Medium most notably) as well as its number of papers and blog posts released. These are all indicators of a team fully committed to the project and in ongoing development, which we can only encourage.

Shrimpy team

Shrimpy Pricing

Shrimpy is one of the cheapest option if you want to automate your trading and even offers a Free Plan.

shrimpy Pricing overview

Hodler Plan

Shrimpy integrates a free plan called “Hodler Plan”.

As the name suggests, this option will suit “hodlers” that are not interested in trading automation.

The plan will effectively act as a Portfolio tracker, allowing you to follow the ups and downs of your crypto funds in real time.

Shrimpy Hodler Plan

Professional Plan

The most commonly used plan on Shrimpy is the Professional Plan. This is the one you will want to get if you want to use every features that the platform has to offer.

The good news is, it is very affordable, starting at $13 per month.

The Pro plan includes all “Hodler Plan” features + the following:

  • Portfolio tracking
  • Portfolio Management
  • Index Builder
  • Automatic Rebalancing
  • Backtesting up to 5 years
  • Access to the Social Marketplace
  • Security & Safety settings
Shrimpy_Pro Plan Details1
Shrimpy_Pro Plan Details2
Shrimpy_Pro Plan Details3
Shrimpy_Pro Plan Details4

Enterprise Plan

This subscription plan will be suited for more institutional investors.

It enables the development of custom features and other tools like tax optimization. If you are reading this Shrimpy review, it is very unlikely that you will need this plan but it is nonetheless a great thing that crypto automation is becoming increasingly open to bigger net worth individuals.

Shrimpy Enterprise Plan

Shrimpy Fees

The platform does not charge any fees. You will be able to enjoy your crypto trading automation without any additional cost aside from your plan’s price.

Payment Methods

Pay For Shrimpy With Fiat

If you want to use fiat to pay for your paid plan, you will have to use Paypal, as it is the only payment solution available.

Pay With Crypto

Shrimpy offers a  Coinpayments solution in order to pay for your subscription with crypto.

You can use:

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • LTC
  • KCS
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During our Shrimpy review, we have been pleasantly surprised by the sheer simplicity of the platform.

Its clean and uncluttered look will make new users feel at home. Not being overwhelmed by features and options will allow the least sophisticated crypto investors to automate their investing with peace of mind.

Portfolio rebalancing is paramount to a successful investment strategy. Shrimpy automates the process according to the rules you set. Whatever your risk tolerance is, you will be able to create an index that suits your needs.

And if you are unsure about what to do, you can simply go to the Social marketplace, find one of the dozens of strategies that fits your risk profile.

Moreover, splitting your funds into several portfolios allows you to manage risks precisely. Set different investments vehicles; on different time frames. Once they are automated, you can forget about them.

That’s the beauty of automation and that is what Shrimpy is bringing to crypto with tremendous success.