Zignaly Bot Review

Zignaly, created in March 2018 has a simple motto:

“One crypto trading platform for everybody”

Appealing to a wide range of retail traders, Zignaly is still in its early version despite a lot of improvements throughout the years. The team is in constant development and listening to its users in order to select the features to release.

The platform offers three main solutions at the time of this review:

  • Copy Trading (Also called Social Trading)
  • Crypto trading Bots
  • Trading terminal

In this Zignaly review, we will deconstruct its main features, try to point out its pros and cons and obviously, as usual, give you an unbiased opinion.

User Interface

An important aspect when choosing a platform to automate your crypto trading is its user interface.

Is it easy to navigate? Can you access the features easily? how are the statistics displayed? Etc.

It is especially important when you are a beginner and don’t have a full grasp of the trading ecosystem yet.

Zignaly’s interface is clean and uncluttered though not as polished as some other alternatives. If you have tried Cryptohopper or 3Commas for example, you will notice the difference.

Zignaly Dashboard

Zignaly Exchanges

At the moment of writing, Zignaly can only be connected to two exchanges:

Binance and Kucoin.

This is unlike many other crypto bots and social trading platforms that offers dozens of options and it might be a drawback for some crypto traders.

Bitmex, Okex and FTX are coming soon as the team continues improving and releasing new features.

Zignaly Exchanges

Trading Terminal

One of the main features of Zignaly is its trading terminal.

Aimed at providing a more refined experience that you would have on your favorite exchange, trading terminals are also useful when it comes to automation and safety.

Moreover, they act as a central trading point. Connect all your accounts and you can now trade from Binance; Bybit; Bitmex; in one place.

Zignaly Trading Terminal

Zignaly’s trading terminal is once again, not as polished as other big names in the crypto automation sectors such as 3Commas but it does the job.

You will find some of the most common ways to automate your trade:

  • Order type (Limit / Market / Etc.)
  • Take Profit (With multiple targets)
  • A DCA / Rebuy Target option
  • Stop Loss & Trailing Stop Loss
  • Entry Order Expiration
  • Time-Based Autoclose Option
Zignaly Limit Order
Zignaly Take Profit
Zignaly DCA / Rebuy
Zignaly Stop Loss & Trailing Stop
Zignaly Entry Order ExpirationZignaly Time-Based Autoclose

Copy Trading

This feature will be the preferred choice of those that have no idea how to trade but want to try and benefit from the skills of others.

Copy trading is pretty simple: Select a well performing crypto trader you would like to emulate and you will automatically copy all of their trades. Pretty straightforward.

It obviously comes with a price and you will have to (most of the time) pay a monthly subscription in order to copy a trader.

Zignaly Copy trading

Prices are set by traders, not Zignaly. It is worth noting that the platform does not take any commissions from monthly subscriptions unlike many other crypto bots. It means that signals are usually cheaper on Zignaly than on its competitors.

The barrier to entry for signal providers is also very low because their is no backtesting process from Zignaly. Anyone can become a public provider and thus offer their services.

You should be extra careful when selecting the trader you will copy. Hopefully, the platform gives you as much informations as possible in roder to ease your choice.

Zignaly Trading Bots & Signals

The backbone of Zignaly is to allow crypto traders to automate their trading.

Trading automation is made relatively easy. Sure this is not a no-code trading bot platforms, but even those that have never created a trading bot can pull it off.

To create a bot on Zignaly:

  • Connect your crpyto exchange (via API keys)
  • Create a new Custom Signal on Zignaly
  • Create alerts on Tradingview with your indicators of choice
  • Customize the Alerts with your signal’s parameters & keys
  • Customize your automation settings (Stop Loss / Take Profit / Balance to use / etc.)
  • Take your Bot live and monitor the perfomance!

Any question that you might have will most likely be answered in the great FAQ

Zignaly Marketplace

The Marketplace

Unlike other crypto bots platform that have a common marketplace for signals and copy trading, Zignaly differenciates the two.

The goal is still the same. Allowing beginner traders to use the knowledge of more experienced and/or knowledgeable traders to benefit from their strategies.

You can either subscribe to “Trading Leaders” via copy trading or to “Signal Providers”.

Public signals are usually quite cheap, ranging from free to $49 / month most of the time.

zignaly Marketplace

Signals & Copy Trading Details

A signal preview card will have basic informations to guide you in your preselection of a signal to copy:

  • Signal name
  • Risk Profile (1 to 10)
  • Net Profit afters Fees on the selected range
  • Simple graph showing the latest returns visually
Zignaly Copy Signal Intro

More Details & Statistics

Every signal provider will give more details about its strategy, the timeframe of the trades, the average duration; number of signals per day; etc.

You will also find a detailed summary of the last trades executed.

It is important to study past performance of a bot in different market conditions. Does the bot perform well in a bull market or a bear market? What happens when the price is ranging ?

Zignaly Public Signal Details
Zignaly Signal Page

Paper Trading

Zignaly allows paper trading.

If you are just starting out your crypto trading journey or are still unsure about the right trading strategy, paper trading should be your starting point.

It is exhilarating to launch a crypto trading bot. You are on the path to let your emotions out of the way, to hopefully bigger profits and less downside.

This is just theory for now and even if you have backtested your strategy on different markets and pairs and feel like you have done enough, there is a pretty good chance you will be surprised by the outcome when finally launching.

Traders that are more advanced in their journey to trading automation might skip this step but we couldn’t recommend it enough for those of you just starting out.


Is Zignaly Safe?

The security of your account should be a major concern when choosing a crypto bot; social trading or copy-trading platform.

Hopefully, Zignaly has done a good job in that area.

First of all, the platform in non-custodial. Meaning, it does not hold any of your coins. It merely has access to the exchanges you allow via API keys.

Notifications and Alerts

Notifications are a great way to know what is going on with your bot.

Wether you have entered a new position successfully, missed an entry point, exited a position, hit a stop loss; there are many things that you might want to be aware of regarding the performance of your trading bot.

Notifications’ settings are less exhaustive than on other platforms like 3Commas for example but you will find what is necessary.

It is worth noting that if you’d like to receive your updates by SMS, a feature that others offer, it will not be possible on Zignaly.

This is not a big deal, as email notifications work for us, but to each their own.

If you want to know everything happening with your bot’s positions, you should indeed opt for these two features:

  • Opening a Position Successfully
  • Position Updates
Zignaly Notifications

Zignaly Pricing

Previously priced at $15.99, the platform recently became 100% Free.

Since its recent partnership with Binance and the launch of its own exchange you can enjoy the platform free of charge.

With that move, Zignaly is hopping that users will increasingly move towards its own exchange and exclusive features are going to be released in order to incentivize them.

As a side note, the team has launched a cashback program for users that have supported them from the beginning, a gesture we can applaud.

Zignaly Price


The platform does not charge any fees.

You will enjoy commissions free automated trading by subscribing to Zignaly.

A free crypto automating platform with absolutely zero commissions, what’s preventing you from giving it a try?

Enjoy Zignaly For Free

Team & Support

Transparency can be hard to come by in crypto.

Unlike some other competitors, Zignaly is very open about its team and ongoing development.

Founders are well know and very much on the frontlines, delivering any piece of news via videos, interacting with users on the Discord; etc. This speaks to their level of commitment.

We ran into what we thought was an issue between our Tradingview custom signal and the bot we set up on Zignaly. Some sell orders didn’t seem to fire on the bot side. Nothing huge, we were still testing the platform but wanted to have more infos. A quick message on the discord and Tole, the founder responded within seconds. After investigation, we had our answer within 5 minutes.

With that kind of support and commitment from the founding team, the future of Zignaly is without a doubt in good hands!

If you are looking for a transparent platform, eager to receive feedback from its users and allowing them to have direct impact on the future of the platform, then definitely check out Zignaly.

Zignaly Team
Enjoy Zignaly For Free


Zignaly which has the ambition to make crypto trading automation available to anyone is on the right path to success.

During our Zignaly test we kept on being pleasantly surprised by its simplicity an practicality. There are less features than on more dominant crypto trading platforms and its design is, let’s face it slightly less appealing. It is more raw, in the making. One element that we felt could be a little bit disturbing for newcomers is the trading stats that could be improved in our opinion.

Other than that, we have only praises for Zignaly.

Tole is one of the most committed founder in the space. Always on the Discord, easily accessible and answering any questions or request.

It will be a wonderful platform for those that want to try their hands at automating their favorite trading strategy, previously executed manually. Setting up a bot is easy, well documented and the feeling of having your first trading bot going live is unparalleled.

For those that want to use copy trading or to copy signals created by other trader,  Zignaly will be the cheapest alternative and provide an experience without too much noise. More isn’t always better.

Zignaly is free with a very active team, consistently improving and adding features, so you’d be a fool not to give it a shot!

Zignaly is a great crypto bot platform for traders that want to automate their crypto trading. Completely free, we would be remiss not to advise you to give it a shot!

Zignaly allows traders to copy “Leaders” that will trade your funds on your behalf. You can allocate a portion of your funds to automatically mimic trades.

Yes, Zignaly allows you to be a signal provider which means you can sell your signals or rent them. Unlike many other crypto bots, the process is quite easy.

Some great Zignaly alternatives are Cryptohopper, 3Commas, Haasbot, Kryll, Shrimpy and more.

Trailing take-profit as well as trailing stop-loss can be set on Zignaly which means you can automate your trading strategy and sleep well at night.

Yes, Zignaly has an affiliate program. Since the platform recently became free recently and given the fact that it does not take a commission on Signals price, we do if Zignaly wil continue its program.