Zignaly Free Crypto Bot


Zignaly, the crypto bot platform announced on their blog two majors news that will rejoice current users and without a doubt attract many more.

The platform becomes entirely free, effective immediately.

Bartolome R. Bordallo, the CEO and Co-Founder announced it in a video released on Friday, alongside a blog post explaining the reasons behind this move as well as the integration of Zignaly’s integrated exchange.

Why become free?

According to the founder, this decision is driven by a desire to improve its users’ lives.

There is also no doubt that the platform becoming free will – aside from delighting current users – attract new crypto traders.

Cashback Program

For current users that have been paying a $15.99 per month subscription to use the platform (still in its Beta version) a cashback program has been put in place.

Zignaly will pay back 150% of the amount received by its paying users in an effort to compensate the fact that it now becomes free. This is unheard of in the crypto bot ecosystem and we can applaud Zignaly’s team for the gesture.

While those are a great and surprising news, it was not the focus of the announcement as the platform had even better news.


Zignaly now part of the Binance Broker Program

The main and biggest news was the official announcement that Zignaly is now part of the Binance Broker Program.

This partnership means that the platform is now operating its own integrated crypto exchange (powered by Binance).

Users can now benefit from all the liquidity; security and markets that Binance provide with the additional copy trading benefit from Zignaly.

Last year, 3Commas became the first of the crypto bots provider to be part of the Binance Broker Program and this is a trend that we are happy to see at Cryptobots!

The sector is becoming increasingly mature and secure for users with ongoing developments and partnerships so we can only be optimistic for the future of crypto trading bots!


Watch the Official Announcement on the video below, or visit Zignaly’s blog post about the news here